Getting Leads with Business Cards–How to do it Right

You walk into a networking event, throwing the doors wide open. As you walk confidently by the scores of people in attendance, you stop to mingle with every person and group within sight, winning new business connections with your charm. The business cards practically fly out of your hands. By the end of the night, you leave with your card supply depleted–a hundred new leads in the bag.

That’s how to network like a pro, right?

Not exactly. In fact, if you do it as described above, you’ll probably do yourself more harm than good. Business cards remain one of the most effective tools at your disposal. They make you look professional and they get your information out there. Putting your cards in the right hands can result in an exponential growth of your network, which is great for driving referrals. But in order to enjoy the benefits, it’s important to use the proper etiquette.

These are the tips you need to wield those business cards effectively.

At Networking Events, Focus on Quality,Not Quantity, of Contacts

The reason you’ll only find failure if you network like in the scenario above is because you’re bound to come off as pushy, pretentious, and impolite.

People don’t like “in your face.” That’s why spam folders for email were created. Interrupting people’s conversations to shove cards down their throats, all the while showing obviously feigned interest will only result in your cards being tossed out at the end of the night.

When at an event, look for people or groups who aren’t engaged in an active conversation. Approach and be genuinely friendly. Ask questions, give your new acquaintance the chance to talk. Find common ground and look for ways to help him or her.

Once you’ve given a good impression and you’re both ready to move on, exchange cards upon direct or indirect cues that the other person wants that to happen. Either they explicitly ask for your card, or they demonstrate interest in staying in touch. By following this method, you’ll come off as a delight, not an annoyance.

Follow Up With Your Contacts

When you exchange business cards with someone, that’s a golden relationship opportunity that you don’t want to let slip away.

Make a list of these contacts. Set out in a calendar when you’re going to follow up with them.

Give Friends and Complementary Businesses your Cards-They’ll Network for You

The beauty of business cards is that they can land you leads without any effort on your part, something like a domino effect.

All you have to do is identify some close business connections who are familiar with your work, hold you in esteem, and are willing to vouch for you. Give them some of your cards so that they can refer you to potential clients.

Obviously, you should return the favor. Ask for some of their cards and send leads their way when you have a chance.

You can also team up with a complementary business. Say you run a DJ business for parties. Find a caterer and work together to grow each others’ network.

Be Prepared to Share your Business Cards at Unexpected Places

You never know when you’ll find yourself face-to-face with an important connection. Make sure you have a good supply of cards with you at all times. Keep them in your wallet, your briefcase, and your suit.

Look for inventive ways to put your card out there. For instance, after eating at a restaurant, leave a card with the tip and a letter for the owner.

Communication technology is constantly changing, but good old-fashioned business cards are still an effective way of grabbing clients. By focusing on establishing quality contacts, following up, working to get referrals, and being prepared to share cards at unexpected locations, you’ll find start to see much more desireable results.


Alabama Inmate Actually Starts a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme from Prison

There is some crazy news making its way around the web regarding convicted pipe bomber Walter Leroy Moody Jr. A claim is being made that the convict has started his own “get rich quick” scheme all the way in prison. We can’t tell if this is really true or not, so you be the judge. Here are the details.

A woman receives letter from Moody

An 80 year old woman, who is still running a secretarial business out of her home in central Florida, claims to have recently received a letter from Walter Leroy Moody. In the four page letter, Moody asked her to join a startup internet business he has created while in prison. She could earn as much as $256,000 in the first six months, and work up to half a million by the end of the first year. With a return address to Holman Prison in Atmore, the envelope was postmarked in Macon, Georgia. The woman knew that this was a scam right away, but wanted to look into it further.

Finding out it was Moody

When she first received the letter, the woman had no idea who it came from, and only knew it was from a prison inmate. In her business, she has transcribed correspondence for a customer who corresponds with prison inmates. In completing a Google search, the woman found information about Moody, including a handwritten letter that was for sale. Looking at this letter sample, she determined the handwriting was the same as the scam letter received in the mail. She claims to not be a gullible person and that she is certain that the letter came from Moody. He was in fact trying to offer her an investment opportunity and believes had she responded, he would continue writing to her.

Future concerns

The woman’s main concern, stemming from the letter she received, was that even though he is in prison on death row, he is able to recruit people on the outside for other crimes. She hopes that those helping Moody will be caught and prosecuted for helping a prison inmate with an illegal scam. A prison spokesperson, Bob Horton, said that the Alabama Department of Corrections is investigating the origin and authenticity of the letter. The woman claims she is 100% sure of its authenticity, which was received in September. Even though Moody is 80 years old and on death row, he is still becoming involved with illegal activities outside of the prison.

Fact or fiction?

Is this news article true or not? Do we really think something like this took place, without it being promoted through more reputable news sources? This guy was a convicted criminal, responsible for several bombings that led to the death of multiple people. If he was in fact running a get rich quick scheme in prison, don’t you think more people would be talking about it? It is understandable that the woman who received the letter wished to remain anonymous, but would an 80 year old really take the time to look further into the matter? There are several parts of the story that seem kind of fishy, but that is not to stay this never actually happened.

We plan to stay updated on this story to see if any further details come into play. If not, we might just be able to mark this story down as fiction. What do you think? Could this get rich quick scheme from a famous prisoner on death row really be circulating through the mail? Please sound off in the comments section.

Bad Money Habits That Might Be Keeping You from Getting Rich

Many of us do not make enough money to have our own personal financial advisor. These men and women help individuals with investment opportunities and help to manage their money. Without help from an outside party, we tend to develop bad money habits. These habits can actually prevent us from getting rich, or at the very least, keep us from building an adequate savings. Here is a list of bad money habits you might be exhibiting, day to day. In looking at these bad habits, we can really focus on ways to break these habits, and begin the road to a rich future.

Setting and forgetting

When it comes to your savings rate, you could be losing out. Your savings rate should increase throughout your career. Every time that you get a pay raise, even if it is a small increase, your savings rate should also be raised. It is also smart to review any retirement accounts you might have, on a yearly basis. Rules and regulations change every year, and you want to make sure you are well balanced.

Spending too much on housing

The largest payment you probably pay monthly is your mortgage or rental payment. Budget advisors recommend that you spend 28% or less of your gross income on your housing payment. For those who own a home this includes the principle, interest, taxes, and insurance. This is why it is important to figure out the best location, before buying or renting. Sometimes a simple change, such as moving from the city to a suburb, can save you a lot of money on the price you are spending monthly for a home or rental. It is not always easy, but can allow you to save big bucks. For example, moving from a property that costs $1,200 a month to a place that costs $900, will save you $300 monthly. Multiply this number by twelve months in a year, and you have an extra $3,600 a year. This is money that can be put into savings or invested to help you get rich.

Excessive housing payments is one of the major causes of financial distress. When you need to make a housing or rent payment, and you find yourself short, you have few options as housing is not something you can really put off or go without. It’s the number one reason people go to title loans Chicago, or get other high-interest rate loans.

Not taking full advantage of work tax benefits

There are companies that offer 401(k)’s, health saving accounts, and commuter funds. These all use pre-tax dollars, which can help reduce your top-line income. You end up in a different tax bracket and pay less in taxes overall. Sometimes even health insurance can help you to save money. If your place of employment only pays 25% into the cost of health insurance, you are paying 75%. Although it seems like a lot, this might be the cheapest option, especially if you have a family, compared to paying for private health insurance. The money you pay towards health insurance is taken out before taxes, which can put you in a different tax bracket, allowing you to pay less in taxes.

Being overly conservative when it comes to investing

You should become conservative with your investments when you are around retirement age. Before that, try not to be too conservative and be sure to play 100% into equities. This allows for larger, long term gain, which is great when trying to get extra money.

Impulse shopping

A lot of us have fallen victim to impulse shopping. We see something we like and have to buy it right away. Whether it be a small, inexpensive item, or a high end item, wait it out. If you wait a day and sleep on it, chances are you will wake up with a new feeling. Many impulse purchases are ones that you do not actually need. Even just going to look at new cars because cars are your hobby can lead to an amazing sales person drawing you in to purchase a new vehicle. They might offer you the best reasons in the world for buying a new vehicle, but don’t let their opinion influence you just yet. Make sure to go home, sit down, and come up with a financial plan as whether this is a worthwhile investment. A majority of the time, you will realize that impulse buy is not worth it.

Paying too many bank fees

Be cautious, careful, and informed when it comes to your bank account. A one-time fee won’t exactly put you in debt, but when fees add up, you lose out on money. Make sure you are aware of the type of overdraft protection offered at your banking location. Overdraft fees add up, and are easy to accumulate. If you do not pay attention to items posting in your checking account, you could easily overdraft, and pay extra money for these fees.

Be careful with credit cards

Make sure that when you spend money on a credit card, you try to pay back the full amount. Sometimes this can be hard, especially when personal disasters strike, but paying back the minimum will only cost you more. When you are only paying the minimum, you end up paying back more in interest over a period of time. This can cost you hundreds of extra dollars, in a years’ time.


Of course many of these tips will not actually make you rich. They are basic, bad money habits and everyone displays one or more of these habits on a daily basis. In acknowledging these bad habits, and creating solutions for them, even if they might seem to save only a minimal amount of money, understand that you are still saving money overall. Eliminating bad money habits early will prove you with the extra money needed to try and get rich.











What Walter White Should have Done: Ways Real People Have Gotten Rich with Smarts and Elbow Grease

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in the history of TV. It centers around a high school teacher who finds out he has cancer and tries to raise money for his family by making and selling the world’s finest (blue) crystal meth.

What makes the main protagonist of Walter White interesting is his pride: it’s his pride that made him abandon a billion-dollar business opportunity years before the starting events of the series, and it’s his pride that keeps him from quitting the drug business even when he has enough money or other help is offered. He firmly thinks making meth is the best way he can make a killer income and won’t give up his claim to fame.

It’s too bad such a smart guy like Walter White never read the awesome get-rich stories on this list. These are people who had nothing, not even capital, yet built empires using nothing but their wit and countless hours of hard work.

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is one of the most amazing bloggers in the world. He’s built a million-dollar business with his freelance writing courses. He runs his own site Boost Blog Traffic, and his written for Kiss Metrics and Copyblogger.

He was born with a degenerative disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrohpy, which has left him confined to a wheelchair and unable to move any part of his body apart from his head.

Jon started off working in real estate, but always wanted to be a writer. After a car crash made him rethink his life, Jon decided to pursue his dream.

He went on to write hundreds of guest blog posts to build his name. Now he’s one of the top writers on the web and lives in a luxury estate in Palm Beach Florida (he used to live in a luxury estate in Mexico).

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is another major internet entrepreneur who got his start after an accident.

Lewis was really into athletics since his youth. He got into professional arena football and thought he was on his way to stardom when an accident left him unable to continue his career.

Devastated, Lewis found himself unemployed and without a college degree living on his sister’s sofa. However, he quickly found success on LinkedIn, creating athletic professionals groups that grew to thousands of members. Lewis leveraged the groups to become a popular speaker and LinkedIn consultant before developing a webinar course that’s become a seven-figure business.

Mascara de Latex

Inspiring entrepreneurs don’t just come from the US. Mascara de Latex is the business persona of Bruno Darks, a Mexico City-based maker of comic book and pop culture-themes shirts, hats, and other collectibles. He started out making shirts from his home, promoting his creations on Facebook. Darks used his following to open a store in Mexico City. Now he’s opened two more.

It just goes to show the power of branding.

Melissa Lake

Melissa is the proud owner and chief designer at SandiLake Clothing. They make modern and creative clothing right in Portland, Oregon and ship it out all across the country. They have a massive fanbase, with 20,400 followers on Instagram.

Melissa’s designs are so good, in fact, that Target tried to steal her ideas. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Pat Flynn

At the height of the 2008 Recession, Pat Flynn lost his job as an architect. Instead of doing the traditional job search, he decided to start a website dedicated to helping prospective architects pass the LEED exam. Successful SEO and monetization allowed him to make passive income to support his family. Now he blogs about his work creating passive income streams at Smart Passive Income  and makes over $1 million a year from ad revenue, affiliate sales, and speaking engagements.

As you can see, you can strike it rich without having to resort to drug dealing. Hopefully, these stories get you pumped and thinking about your own awesome venture.