Alabama Inmate Actually Starts a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme from Prison

There is some crazy news making its way around the web regarding convicted pipe bomber Walter Leroy Moody Jr. A claim is being made that the convict has started his own “get rich quick” scheme all the way in prison. We can’t tell if this is really true or not, so you be the judge. Here are the details.

A woman receives letter from Moody

An 80 year old woman, who is still running a secretarial business out of her home in central Florida, claims to have recently received a letter from Walter Leroy Moody. In the four page letter, Moody asked her to join a startup internet business he has created while in prison. She could earn as much as $256,000 in the first six months, and work up to half a million by the end of the first year. With a return address to Holman Prison in Atmore, the envelope was postmarked in Macon, Georgia. The woman knew that this was a scam right away, but wanted to look into it further.

Finding out it was Moody

When she first received the letter, the woman had no idea who it came from, and only knew it was from a prison inmate. In her business, she has transcribed correspondence for a customer who corresponds with prison inmates. In completing a Google search, the woman found information about Moody, including a handwritten letter that was for sale. Looking at this letter sample, she determined the handwriting was the same as the scam letter received in the mail. She claims to not be a gullible person and that she is certain that the letter came from Moody. He was in fact trying to offer her an investment opportunity and believes had she responded, he would continue writing to her.

Future concerns

The woman’s main concern, stemming from the letter she received, was that even though he is in prison on death row, he is able to recruit people on the outside for other crimes. She hopes that those helping Moody will be caught and prosecuted for helping a prison inmate with an illegal scam. A prison spokesperson, Bob Horton, said that the Alabama Department of Corrections is investigating the origin and authenticity of the letter. The woman claims she is 100% sure of its authenticity, which was received in September. Even though Moody is 80 years old and on death row, he is still becoming involved with illegal activities outside of the prison.

Fact or fiction?

Is this news article true or not? Do we really think something like this took place, without it being promoted through more reputable news sources? This guy was a convicted criminal, responsible for several bombings that led to the death of multiple people. If he was in fact running a get rich quick scheme in prison, don’t you think more people would be talking about it? It is understandable that the woman who received the letter wished to remain anonymous, but would an 80 year old really take the time to look further into the matter? There are several parts of the story that seem kind of fishy, but that is not to stay this never actually happened.

We plan to stay updated on this story to see if any further details come into play. If not, we might just be able to mark this story down as fiction. What do you think? Could this get rich quick scheme from a famous prisoner on death row really be circulating through the mail? Please sound off in the comments section.